Town of Sciacca


Sciacca is the ideal place for a beach holiday, its coast offers several kind of beaches and rocks , in order to satisfy all your needs and taste: from the Stazzone’s rocks , to the gold beach of Capo San Marco, with its sand floor and very clear water. Beach lovers can relax on Lido Tonnara, and towards east you can find Sovareto beach, with its white sand, perfect for kids, and at the end San Giorgio.
This landscape offers you the possibility to practice different activities:
boat trips, relaxing swims in an uncontaminated sea, relaxing family days, water sports and diving. Thermal Spa provides therapies for health and beauty, the waters of sulphur springs allow to do thermal mud. San Calogero’s Caves are very important, natural saunas where to do halotherapy.

Sciacca is one of the most important arbor in Sicily, since Arabic domination. Sciacca is rich in artworks, it is an example of architecture, sculpture, painting of all the times. Strolling through the centre, to visit the cathedral consecrated to Holy Mary of XII century is almost a must. You can also visit Steripinto Palace, one of the most representative example of Plateresque art in Sicily, Santa Margherita’s church in Gothic-Renaissance style and San Salvatore gate of XVI century one of the tree surviving gates of the defensive wall.

Not far from Sciacca, there are Eraclea Minoa, Menfi, Porto Palo and the beautiful natural reserve Torre Salsa, with its extraordinary ocean floor.

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